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We are the partner of choice for employers across India, South East Asia and the Middle East – Corporates, Multinationals and Family driven businesses.

Our job is to focus on finding the best Candidates with the most relevant skills and organizing your talent pipeline for the future, so that you can focus on your business.

We have the proven expertise and track record to find professionals across management levels, who can fit your business needs, add value to your business and align with your work culture.

Our team of recruitment experts give you direct access to first class, qualified Candidates, across industry and across management levels.

To know how Falcon HR can help you address your talent needs, connect with us on +91 9867510101 or

Payroll Administration & Compliance Management

admin   March 31, 2018

We provide a comprehensive range of payroll administration and compliance related services.

Supported by proprietary IT systems and legal experts, our processes meet compliance requirements under various Central and State laws and regulations – Provident Fund, ESIC, Profession Tax, Income Tax, Contract Labour Act, Factories Act, etc.

A descriptive list of our services under this scope, include, but is not limited to,

Payroll Administration & Compliance Management

  • Create and maintain Associate master database
  • Input processing, invoicing, salary disbursement for Associates
  • Input processing, invoicing, salary disbursement data for Client employees
  • Payroll, Reimbursement, Claims, Settlements/F&F processing
  • Comprehensive Statutory & Regulatory compliance (TDS, LWF, PF, PT, ESI)
  • Medical, Accident insurance benefits monitoring
  • Update client on any changes/deviations in compliance

Value Added Services for Client

  • Client Portal – Access to information relating to Employees and Associates – HR Information System, attendance data, time sheets, Form 16s, online leave management, employee asset management, MIS reports
  • Salary dispatch alerts SMS/email, Alerts on pending information/data from Employees and Associates
  • App-based, GPS tagged Time & Attendance monitoring

Value Added Services for Employees and Associates

  • Dedicated contact point for Query Handling
  • Salary release SMS alerts & email of pay slips
  • Reminder/alerts for PAN/ITDF/Proof submission
  • GHI and GPA Insurance
  • Online and App-based access to leave applications, HR policy documents, expense claims, pay slips generation, attendance with GPS tags, IT computations.

Staffing & RPO

admin   March 31, 2018

Fluctuating headcounts? Tight deadlines? New initiatives? Pilot project?

When your business is scaling up and your needs stretch beyond core competencies, it is time to turn to the outsourcing and staffing expert – Falcon HR.

Our recruitment processes are designed to help businesses find professionals, who can fit business needs, add value and align with your work culture, in limited time and with predictable costs.

Falcon HR’s Staffing services helps businesses to:

  • Staff up or down – we help you respond to your business fluctuations.
  • Control costs – we manage the costs associated with hiring, benefits, insurance, taxation and compliances such as PF, ESIC, etc.
  • Diversify workforce – we offer Candidates with a wide variety of skillsets.
  • Increase efficiencies in hiring – we have the resources to find and acquire talent which far exceeds the average Recruitment Manager. Our processes are streamlined for efficiency.
  • Reduce operational complexity and risk – we manage the compliances of all outsourced personnel

To know how Falcon HR can help you address your Staffing needs, connect with us on +91 9867510101 or

HR Consulting

admin   March 31, 2018

Falcon HR has the competencies and capability to undertake bespoke Consultancy assignments across:

  • Training & Organisational Development
  • Employee Engagement – Surveys, Communications
  • Change & Culture Management
  • Reward & Compensation
  • Leadership Assessments
  • Talent Management
  • Competency Modeling & Job Analysis
  • Employer Branding
  • HR Policy Formulation
  • HR Process Re-engineering
  • Legal & Compliance Audits